From 1934 to 1973

40 years of growt

  • 1934 Mr. Rino Michielotto found Officine Meccaniche Michielotto in Padova as a crane and steel structure manufacturer
  • 1934-39 Officine Meccaniche Michielotto moves to La Spezia and participates at the industrialization boom that characterize the years before the war, being also
  • active in the military field 1942 Officine Meccaniche Michielotto moves to Pietrasanta from La Spezia avoiding the bombing on the city
  • 1945-73 The company grows being active in the reconstruction of infrastructure all over the Country.
From 1934 to 1973
From 1973 to 1993

From 1973 to 1993

A new generation management

  • 1973 Mr. Giuseppe Salvatori enters the Company side to side to the father in law Mr. Rino Michielotto sailing through a new generation management
  • 1977 Mr Rino Michelotto lefts the Company
  • 1980 Officine Meccaniche Michielotto produces the biggest hydraulic goliathcrane ever manufactured in Italy.
  • 1986 All the drawing moves to HP-CoCreate M10 CAD technology
  • 1993 Company move to a new site of 3500 m2

From 1998 to 2008

Michielotto grows

  • 1998 Michielotto obtains ISO9001 certificate.
  • 1999 All the engineering goes in 3D drawing and all parts are managed through a PDM and activities are ERP processed.
  • 2006 Michielotto becames sole partner for the italian market of the leading company ABUS Kransysteme GmbH
  • 2006 Michielotto founds Michielotto Service
  • 2007 Michielotto obtains ISO 9001/2000 as well ISO 14000 and ISO 18000
  • 2007 Michielotto buys 35.000 m2 of a new industrial area
  • 2008 start the construction of a new factory plant of 14000 m2
From 1998 to 2008
From 2011 to 2016

From 2011 to 2016

Recent history

  • 2011 Michielotto obtain the famous Paolo De Nicola know how and trademark
  • 2011 Michielotto founds Michielotto Automation
  • 2014 Alberto Salvatori becomes CEO of Michielotto Service S.r.l.
  • 2016 Michielotto Service srl is growing in the field of cranes as the first "Officine Meccaniche Michielotto" created by Rino Michielotto.