Travel Lift

Industry & Port, Nautical & Shipards


Mobilift, Goliath, Lowlift, Launching Girder, Quaylift
Systems for the handling cargo in port terminals and industrial areas (with capacities up to 1,000 t)Mobilift© gantry trucks for handling big loads inside industrial areas, such as heavy concrete precast, equipment, metal structures, etc. They can be equipped with a magnetic spreader for the handling of ferrous materials.
Goliath gantry cranes on rails (Rail Mounted Gantry)Lowlift, low-deck vehicles with adjustable-height option.
Launching girders, special systems for the construction of bridges and viaducts and the launching of precast on piles.
Quaylift port cranes on rails, single/double or retractable-arm for gripping and handling containers or cargo from ship to shore.


Elidra , Trollyft, Amphibious, Boat Trolleys
Systems for hauling and launching boats (with capacities up to 1,000 t) Boat hoists Elidra© for lifting, handling, hauling and launching of sail or motor boats.
Variable-span boat hoists Trollift© (patented product), that can change span by means of a telescopic beam, even with suspended boat.
Amphibious boat hoist, with the peculiarity of being able to operate immersed in the sea.
Ideal for handling boats in areas where docks are not available. Boat trolleys, remote controlled or towed for transporting motor and sail boats within the shipyard or storage area. These machines are equipped with electronic steering that allows freedom of movement and synchronization between simultaneously operated vehicles.